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Why Your Physio Asks About Pain?

Do you feel pain in your back and badly suffering from muscular injuries? What is your next move? Are you going to visit a physio in such circumstances? You have got no other choice except visiting a west Auckland physio to fix all your pain. It’s great to visit a physio, as a physio is a professional person known as a physiotherapist who helps you to fix illness, injury, and disability through exercise, movement, and manual therapy. A physio is responsible for maintaining the health of a patient, so every physio must ask about your pain when you first meet him. What do you expect from a physio when you first meet him? You expect to be asked about your problems and pains caused by the injury. It’s a fact that a physio asks about your pain at priority. You also visit a physio to discuss your pain in detail.

You don’t need to be surprised especially when your physio asks you different questions related to your illness and injury. There is no hidden surprise for you when you visit a physio, just be prepared to tell history about your illness and injury. The behavior and nature of pain are very important for a physio to know before starting the treatment. So, the very first thing is to trace the injury place and its exact location. The pain appears in an area badly affected either it is back, thighs or other parts of the body. Anyhow, the treatment is necessary and badly required. The identification of pain is a must before proceeding with the treatment or advice. The level of pain can only be described by a patient, but a competent and professional physio easily understands the level of pain. Thankfully, the reduction in pain is the ultimate job of a physiotherapist. This is why you visit physios.

If we talk about the nature and location of pain, then it is the only thing that physios talk about when you visit them whether it’s your first visit or second, you come to know the importance of a pain and its treatment is the goal of a physio Auckland. There are so many types of pains that physios identify, where some are acute injury pains and some are chronic pains. Chronic pains are related to tissues and nerves while acute pains belong to the movement of the body. Fortunately, both are asked and fixed by physios.

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