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What Duties I Have To Perform As A General Practitioner?

General practitioners are experts who can provide treatment for all types of diseases. They are able to do surgeries and also give medication according to the diseases. A patient connector is a person who is responsible to connect the patients with the doctors. You will have to treat all types of patients with all types of problems. You have to manage the treatments that are normal in nature and that are severe.  The first thing that you will have to do is to give the appointment time to your patients so they can come to you for getting medication or treatment.

You will have to tell them about their disease completely and also get information by reading their medical reports and history. In case there is any need to send the patients to the medical specialist then it is your responsibility to send them. You will not be the expert of just only one disease but you will be able to treat all the diseases in the world.

You will have to handle the patients of infections, injuries, chronic problems, stomach issues, heart issues, fever, diabetes, thyroid problem, low and high blood pressure, weakness, heart surgery and failure, walking problems, memory problems, dizziness, vertigo, eye problems, drug, and alcoholic people. You will also be able for the mental treatment issues such as stress, depression; panic attacks, schizophrenia, hyperactivity, and personality disorders etc. Many people suffer from mood disorders and eating problem and you will have to treat them using the therapies or medication. You will be able to treat asthma and breathing problems.

It will be necessary for you to discuss the problem with the patients completely and tell them about their disease. You will work with them as a counsellor and you will provide them with guidance that will help them to take the right steps towards their health. You will also work as a life coach in which you will listen to the problems of people and will give them solutions for their problems. You will have to take the tests, blood tests, ECG, MRI, CT scan, urine testing, and many other types of tests that can help you to recognize and diagnose the disease.  For becoming a General Practitioner, you will have to get a four-year degree in the field of medical and also do practice for some years for getting experience.