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How to Use Manuka Honey for Scar Healing, Scar Removal and Wound Treatment

Yes, today we will be talking about the healing property of the sweet, delicious and warmly rich food which the honey bees give to us – Honey.

This sweet food is made up by the honey bees by taking up the nectar that resides inside different fruits, flowers, and plants. Honey bees keep a  look out for nectar in flowers. After extracting it from there they have a special procedure called “regurgitation” by which they convert the nectar into honey and then store it in the wax honeycombs located in their houses called beehives.

This marvelous process makes the magical extracts of different flowers and fruits, available for us. So, what does basically the sweet honey contain? Well, it basically contains the components like fructose and glucose.

But sometimes the honey might also have certain amounts of bacterium inside them which can be dangerous for the infants, so honey should not be given to infants before taking advice from a child specialist doctor.

Benefits of Using Raw Honey for Scar Removal and Treatment

Storehouse of organic vitamins, minerals, and nutrients

The honey which is totally raw in form, in the sense that it has not undergone pasteurization or filtration, can be of great medicinal and healing value for everyone because it contains loads of minerals and vitamins inside it, and is a totally natural remedy for many purposes.

Antiseptic property of raw honey for wound treatment

The raw form of honey also serves the role of an antiseptic as it can quickly help to remove the poison of bites, stings etc and it can serve to heal the wounds as well because it contains certain enzymes that quicken up the process of healing.

Use of Honey in Treating Severe Degree Burns

It is quite a recent discovery that honey has been successfully used by researchers to treat even the severest of the burns caused to a human body. This sweet food can treat the skin without even requiring the need of applying any skin graft or causing any kind of skin infection! Once the wounds are clean, the honey can be applied and used as a healer for them. Honey with the combination of garlic also works as a great healer for the affected skin.

How to Use Honey for Healing and Removing Wound Scars

    1. If you have a certain scar on you and want to get it removed through a natural remedy, then all you need to do is to follow this simple procedure. You will need Honey, Gauze, Gauze tape and a pair of scissors.
    2. Firstly, you will need to wash your wound by the use of soap and water and then allow this wounded area to dry completely before you shall begin to apply honey on it.
    3. After this, you need to begin preparing a piece of gauze for yourself, and its size should be equal to the size of your wound.
    4. Once your wound becomes dry, then you may quickly start applying one to two teaspoons of honey to the gauze. You need to spread the honey nice and thinly upon the gauze, covering it entirely. However, keep in mind that this sticky ingredient should not be so thinly spread that it dries out.
    5. Now place the honey side of the gauze directly on your wound, covering it entirely, allowing the maximum area of the wound to come in contact with this sticky ingredient.
    6. After this, you can add a second plane layer over your gauze as this will help to absorb the excess amount of the healing ingredient. Then you can use tape to stick the gauze with your skin.
    7. You should repeat this procedure for your scar removal after a lapse of twelve hours because it is quite necessary that your skin keeps on getting a fresh and maximum supply of this ingredient in order to allow it to heal quickly.
    8. Continue this procedure for three weeks and your scar’s odd color will come off, revealing your skin’s natural color and complexion.

Manuka Honey for Lightening Acne Scars

If one talks of specifically dealing with acne scars, then the best home remedy for this is to pick Manuka honey and apply it on your face or another body area as a mask. All you have to do is take two teaspoons of it and apply it once every day to the affected areas present on your body. Leave this on for at least fifteen minutes (you can do it for a half an hour as well for quicker results).

If the honey feels sticky on the face and does not come off easily, then you can simply use warm water and soap to remove it off. Continue doing this procedure regularly for at least a month and you will definitely see some solid and visible results of it on your skin.

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