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The Best Cardio For Women Over 50 – Interval Training

If you are doing the 20 minutes of cardio a day recommended by the physiotherapist, then it is very good for you. But are you getting the maximum result that you wanted? Are you doing the best cardio for women over 50? Is this the kind of cardio that melts off the fat fast, keeping the muscles on, and keeps you energized for the day? It is very good if you run straight for 20 minutes. But this is not the only best cardio workout that you can get to your day. 


It has been proven that interval training is vital to increase the cardiovascular workout results. When it comes to women’s, cardio should be the best choice. Even though interval training is a very simple concept in cardio, a few workout women take advantage of it. In the interval training, it is crucial to increase and decrease the intensity throughout your workouts. This might be hard to believe that, but this is going to burn your more calories.


The stress that is going up and down in the cardio workout we put in our body to jump our cardio results up. The sudden burst on your heart when you change the moderate-intensity to high is the key here, and it will give the benefits of cardio interval workout. There are a few women’s exercise programs that are designed for cardio are based on this idea. You can ask those about its results which follows can also find a lot of scientific data out on the internet which is supporting it too.


Even though it is mentioned before that you can do this in the running, it doesn’t mean you have to interval train with running. You can choose whatever you like such as hiking, biking, stair step, swimming, and whatever the thing you name it. If you choose and try that activity which you don’t like, then it is a chance that you will stay with it long enough and get no results.


When you start the first workout, you should begin at an easy level to get your heart rate up and used to it. But don’t go on that level where you feel uncomfortable. Gradually increase your cardio for women over 50 workouts to moderate level. And repeat the same procedure after some time and start doing as best you can. 

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