Looking for Surgical Needle Counter? When it comes to medical workers using needles and blades, safety precautions must be followed in the operating room. Key Surgical Needle Counter is intended to help with accounting used, disposable surgical sharps during a surgery.

They come in a variety of styles and are sterilised, so they are ready to use.


  1. Sterile, ready to use
  2. Available in various sizes and shapes.
  3. Numbers on magnet or foam block provide simple sharps placing and counting.
  4. Transparent lids are available for more precise vision when closed.
  5. The red colour designates biohazard scrap.
  6. Not constructed with natural rubber latex.
  7. Single-use

Surgical Needle Counter

Sustainable Design

  • Plant-based materials were used to create the needle counter box:
  1. 95% weight reduction in plastic*
  2. Over 50% decrease in Scope 3 GHG emissions*
  3. Biodegradable; disposal circumstances determine the rate.
  • Prop 65 compliance; devoid of BPA or BPA-derived polymers, mercury, phthalates, and PVC.
  • If the hospital and its separate trash haulier provide this service, 100 percent of the single sterile needle counters packaging can be recycled.

Clinical Capability

  1. Numbers that are easy to see for securing needles
  2. With audible closing feedback, the latch is secure.
  3. Adhesive tabs hold the needle counter in place in any workstation.
  4. A full-surface magnet allows for more giant needles and blades.
  5. Puncture protection conforms to ASTM F2132.
  6. Supports OSHA guidelines for safe sharps handling Latex-free

Essential Surgical Needle Counters aid in counting numerous sharps and needles used during the execution of an operation. The use of a treatment like this can assist decrease the danger of retained items within a patient. Easy-open latches, a range of designs (single or dual magnetic, foam block, magnetic and foam), and red-coloured containers to symbolize biohazard material are among the characteristics sold as sterile and ready-to-use.

Quest Sterile Needle Counters are offered in a foam block, adhesive, foam strip and magnet formats to contain used needles during a procedure. Although they provide wound irrigation device, it is the most affordable and safest thing for wound irrigation.

According to your request, they are supplied in counts from 10 to 60 and with or without blade cleaners. The counters are secured to any workplace by the corresponding adhesive tabs, and the counter itself splits in two for dual use in various places. It is critical to creating a sharps management policy for safe practices while using traditional or non-safety sharps.

Quest surgical supplies a Surgical needle counter with a built-in surgical blade remover component to assist you in promoting or adhering to these guidelines. For more information visit our Website

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