If you have ever felt the need for home clear aligners, you must have heard about Smile Direct Club. There is no doubt that they are a leading brand in the world, but there are various smile direct club alternatives available that can do wonders for you.

smile direct club alternatives

Don’t you know about those alternatives? Here are the top 3 of them:

1. byte

byte is one of the most igneous alternatives to smile direct club. Although byte is new to the home aligner industry, they have the latest technology, and they are also delivering the desired results.

One of the many reasons they ate growing at a rapid pace is their personalized customer services. byte is cost-effective too, and you can expect them to deliver results sooner than later.

They may not have a vast experience as Smile Direct Club do, but they surely have one of the fastest treatment times.


Came in 2017, candid has been a revolution in the home aligners industry. Would you believe they are currently ranked as the second-largest aligner in the world? It’s true. The working model of candid is the same as Smile Direct Club as they are venturing into the physical landscape, and they are establishing their candid studios there. Their free teeth scans have made them famous worldwide.

smile direct club alternatives

Customer care staff pf candid is one of the top-notch staff in the world, and they are delivering high-quality products at an affordable and reasonable price. Candid is the first company who introduced the concept of remote monitoring.


We have another young company AlignerCo that is growing day by day and proving to be a revolution in the home aligner industry. One of the many reasons to look out for this option is its cost-effectiveness.

They are currently providing their high-quality services at a significantly lower rate if we compare them to the rest of the world.

Although their customer base is small, they are delivering highly functional and top-notch products to them. There is no way on earth; you can beat AlignerCo in terms of their prices.


There is no doubt that Smile Direct Club is a giant home aligner, but now we have various smile direct club alternatives that can prove to be effective and beneficial. We have explained 3 of the best alternatives you can choose, and we bet you won’t repent at all.

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