For most of the children, raising butterflies is one of the most rewarding and pleasant tasks. While taking care of the caterpillar and seeing the full life cycle from a caterpillar to an adult butterfly, children can feel that they are taking care of another living creature that is not less than an adventure for them. It is magical for some children to see a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. In fact, this is a complete science lesson just other than magic.

While searching for caterpillars you might get two options, there are some sellers that will be providing the live caterpillars. Other than this option, you can also get the eggs of caterpillars from the suppliers. Moreover, the other second option is that you go out and get a live caterpillar from freshwaters and raise it. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages that you should remember. It is quite hard to go out and catch a live caterpillar on your own but it will not be in vain to catch these types of caterpillars and to raise them.

In the adventure of catching the caterpillars on your own can teach you what kind of things and plants the caterpillars and butterflies eat. This will help you in raising the caterpillars as you will get to know what plants and things will be most suitable for raising the caterpillar. For instance, those caterpillars become Monarch butterflies that eat milkweed, which is a plant, when they are caterpillars. The only disadvantage of finding caterpillars on your own could be that it will be quite time-consuming. The catching season for the caterpillars is also limited so you will not get sufficient time to capture this creature.

While on the other hand, it is the best option to buy a live caterpillar from a supplier of caterpillars. In this way, you can get this creature anytime during the year. The other benefit of purchasing a caterpillar is that you will not have to observe what kind of the caterpillar is and what kind of food items or plants you will have to arrange for it.