Nurturing children’s development at Kindergarten in Goonellabah

Many parents face the difficult task of finding a suitable kindergarten Goonellabah that they can trust. They worry about the experience of the teacher, the quality of the education their children will receive and if they will be treated well. Another concern for parents is the safety and security of their children in the kindergarten centre. These are reasonable concerns for many parents, and they should not lower their standards.  However, despite these concerns, parents also understand that it can be beneficial for their child to attend a kindergarten. At a kindergarten, they will gain many benefits such as learning social skills and enhancing their learning ability. What else will children learn at a kindergarten?

kindergarten Goonellabah has programs that are designed to work with children on their social, emotional and academic needs. Working on these three aspects and strengthening them will give the children a solid foundation.  Before they move on from kindergarten, they will be introduced to these aspects and basic learning skills. The skills that ease the transition into early education and help lead to a successful kindergarten year fall into these primary areas: cognitive skills, listening and sequencing, language skills, excellent motor skills, social-emotional skills, and gross motor skills.

Listening and sequencing are also essential skills. Such skills include the ability to follow simple directions, paying attention, retelling a simple story in sequence, repeating a series of sounds and a sequence of numbers.

In addition to the emergent literacy skills connected with cognitive abilities, there are also language skills that are related to relationships. Examples include big and little, short and tall, more and less, up and down, top and bottom, in and out, over and under as well as front and back.

Once your child has these skills mastered, they are well on their way to an auspicious time in kindergarten. If your child has not reached the mastery level, there is no reason to be concerned. The kindergarten teachers will work along with children right up until it is time to start school.