makeup tricks for over 50

Look Younger Today – Makeup Tricks For Over 50

Have you ever looked at other women and wonder why they look so younger than they are? Every person desires to look beautiful and young, especially when the age reaches to 50. Women are more conscious about their looks when they are getting older because the age leaves a serious impact on them as compared to men. In these kinds of cases, they use makeup to cover their age and try to look younger. But you need to do it in a proper way. Otherwise, it will be of no use. So if you are looking to erase years from your face, then here are some makeup tricks for over 50 women to maintain and regain their youthful glow.

Wear hydrating lip colour:

Nothing looks more dry than a caked-on lipstick than an old woman. But you do the finishing of your lip colour with a gloss or use a hydrating lipstick. It will make your lips appear more hydrated and moisturized, which is a certain sign of young lips. 

Wear neutral tones on your eyelids:

If you have the eyelids that tend to make you look older, you should try applying a neutral tone to the middle of your eyelids. These neutral colours will make the droopiness of your eyes go away and give them a lifted appearance. When you have eyes that look lifted, they are more youthful. Try to do the minimal makeup for over 50 and not overdo it. Otherwise, it will look odd. 

Fill in those brows:

Recently, a study has stated that those women who have fuller eyebrows are considered to be younger as compared to those who have thin brows. The best way to get the amazing and great fuller brows is to use the most natural-looking product. For that purpose, it is recommended to use cream rather than a pencil. Pencils are harsh and very difficult to blend as compared to cream. Creams are lighter that’s why they look more natural. This is the reason they blend easily with your natural brows.

Keep your cheeks look natural:

Another important thing in the makeup tricks for over 50 is to give your cheeks a natural and youthful glow. The best way to do it is to apply the cheek colour after the foundation but before your powder. It will blend in better and appears more natural.