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How To Choose The Right Infertility Treatment For You According To Your Situation?

Before choosing the fertility treatment South Africa, you must choose the right clinic for you where the doctors are experienced. You must understand your daily routine habits and get the recommendations from the doctor about them. In many couples, there is no general reason for not conceiving the baby. The fertility procedures are long, expensive, and difficult at the same time. You will have to go through many complicated procedures that will leave you to feel frustrated. In the end, there is no guarantee that your treatment will be successful and you will conceive the baby.

These are some tests for men that they have to take before the treatment

  • You will have to take the semen analysis test in which the doctor will analyze your semen specimen. Most of the times, semen is analyzed but sometimes, they also analyze the sperms of men in the urine.
  • You will have to take the hormone test to check the levels of male hormones and testosterone in the body.
  • The genetic test is used to determine the genetic defects in the male that cause infertility.
  • The Testicular biopsy is used for testing the abnormalities that are causing infertility and retrieving the sperm to assist the reproductive technique IVF.
  • You will also take the MRI and imaging test to know your brain patterns and bone mineral scanning. There are many other tests that can be taken according to your situation to know the cause of abnormalities.

Tests for women

  • Ovulation testing is used to know the hormone level if you are ovulating or not.
  • Hysterosalpingography is used for knowing the condition of the uterus and different X-rays are injected in the uterus for this purpose.
  • MRI and brain imaging tests are also conducted in fertility centres for women.

The doctor will choose the treatment for the couples based on these factors:

  •  What is the reason for infertility?
  •  How long it has been that you are not conceiving the baby?
  •  Age of both partners
  •  The old history of the patient

The doctors will prescribe the cost of fertility treatment for men by understanding their lifestyle habits by adding health food and regular exercise. They can ask you to take the surgery for sperm retrieval and medication can also be given. For women, they can use fertility drugs for balancing the ovulation in the body. Using the Intrauterine insemination, healthy sperms are injected in the uterus of the women directly to produce the eggs.

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