How To Choose The Right Eye Doctor For You Between The Optometrist And Ophthalmologist

If you have any eye problem then choosing a Nerang Optometrist is important for you. You must give much importance while you are going to the eye doctor whether he is a professional eye doctor or not. You cannot trust any random person because you will never want to lose your precious eyesight and you will also want to maintain a good vision for your lifetime. Before you decide to go to the eye doctor, you should know about the types of eye doctors. There are three types of eye doctors that are an optometrist, optician, and an ophthalmologist.

An optometrist is known as eye doctor because he gets his degree in doctor of optometry. He is able to diagnosis the health problems of eyes and also checks the vision of the patients. He can prescribe the glasses if the patients have weak eyesight. An optometrist can provide medication for the treatment of different types of eye diseases. The scope of providing medical prescriptions by the optometrist is defined by the law of that state. If you want to know about the state rules of optometry then you can search the website of your state. He can do operation if you have a severe eye problem and also check the pre and post operation results to know if the problem has been solved or not. In many countries, the optometrists are not allowed to do surgeries for the eyes because the state does not issue the license.

The Best Optometrist Nerang gets his degree in four years and he has to practice for four years in the optometry school for gaining professional experience. They have to continue learning after getting the degree according to the new medical terms. An ophthalmologist is a professional doctor for eye and eye vision. He is able to examine the eye, diagnose the eye vision disorders, and provide medical help. He can also provide eye surgery facilities and prescribe the eyeglasses. He has to complete four years of school and college and one year for internship. He has to work in a hospital for three years for getting the professional experience for his job.  The optician is not the eye doctor but he only provides the glasses according to the prescription by the optometrist or ophthalmologist. He has to get training for becoming an optician and get a license for his job.