For What Kind Of Individuals, Cosmetic Dentistry Is Suitable In Tauranga?

Dentistry has a very old history in human development, centuries ago, the man started to handle dental problems. Dentures have also old roots in history and were first found near the 15th century. In the early developments in dentistry, dentures were made from ivory or from the teeth of dead or living donors. Those dentures were a bit uncomfortable as compared to the dentures of today. Now, dentures are mostly made from metal and are ideal for you if you have significant erosion of the gum and jawline which makes other dental procedures such as crowns and implants less desirable. They also may be used to replace an entire row of teeth rather than a single tooth as cosmetic dentistry.


Dentures are suitable for the people who are unwilling to go through a more extensive dental procedure such as that used for dental implants. Elderly people who cannot sit still for a long visit in a dentist’s chair are ideal candidates for dentures. Dentures may be suitable for you if you are missing a row of several teeth or your entire top or bottom teeth in a line. In these kinds of cases, it may be easier and less expensive to get an entire set of artificial teeth instead of trying to rebuild each lost tooth through root canal Tauranga. Immediate dentures and conventional dentures are the two types of complete dentures.


  • In case of an emergency in which a patient needs teeth extraction, immediate dentures are made in advance and are placed right after your teeth are extracted. Your dentist will first take measurements and models of your jaw and teeth during the first visit to make the immediate dentures. 


  • The other type of complete dentures is conventional dentures that are placed in position after the jaw and gum tissues have healed. it usually takes about 8-12 weeks to heal after the teeth extraction but sometimes, it takes a longer period of time.


All these artificial types of dentures need to be cleaned regularly to prevent them from tartar and plaque build-up which can cause gum problems, stains, or bad breath. In cosmetic dentistry Tauranga, it is always suggested by the dentists that you should use a soft brush to clean your dentures with extra care, brush your tongue and the area around the gum line. Some foods may get under the gum line of dentures and your artificial teeth should be taken out ideally every night before you go to bed. Keep the dentures in warm or hot water during the night time.