The expanded functions dental assistant certification Florida is the only credential in the dental profession that recognizes and certifies knowledge and skills to support expanded function assistants (EFAs) in their roles.

EFDA’s must successfully complete a 150-hour course and pass a national certification exam to be certified. The exam is based on content from the course materials. In addition, dentists or other EFA supervisors must submit a written statement verifying the EFDA’s experience within their practice setting.

An EFDA can also complete an optional supplemental certification course for an additional 40 hours of study to receive a certificate in dental hygiene or laboratory procedures.

How to Become an Expanded Function Dental Assistant:

Becoming an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Florida will lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career. The field is growing and will continue to grow in the next few years. There are many good-paying jobs out there for EFDA’s.

expanded functions dental assistant certification Florida

And do you know how you can become an Expanded Function Dental Assistant? You can become an EBDA by completing a program at an accredited school of dental hygiene or by taking courses in various areas

How long does it take to get Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) certified?

The exam is an open book, and it takes about 4-6 hours to complete. This exam is designed for dental professionals with a Dental Hygiene degree or equivalent experience.

It takes 146-148 hours to earn the needed credits for EFDA certification. Some credits can be earned through formal education or experience in the dental field.

The EFDA credential is an exam-based credential that is recognized by the American Dental Association, ADA.

This course is all about enrolling and successfully passing a designated entry-level course (typically two to three months) and then successfully completing and submitting a comprehensive examination (approximately one week).

Practice benefits of employing EFDAs:

In order to have a functioning dental office, hiring a team of employees is necessary. This includes front desk staff, hygienists, and best dentists. One type of employee who is growing in popularity is dental assistants.

It has long been acknowledged that the use of this position can be beneficial to the practice by providing an extra set of hands for difficult tasks or high-volume patient appointments. With the ways dental assistants are expanding their roles, there are many more reasons to hire one than ever before.

Below are some benefits that come with hiring expanded functions, dental assistants:

–          Increased efficiency in scheduling patient appointments

–          Improved clinical care

–          Reduction in overhead costs

This is how you can make your career as an EFDA by getting expanded functions dental assistant certification Florida.

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