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Do you Know About Physiotherapists Gold Coast?

Physiotherapy is a common subject now a day; you can find a physiotherapist anywhere easily. Physiotherapists Gold Coast is very friendly and treats their patient by giving them proper time and care. A physiotherapist can specialize in different areas, in which they have interest.

Types of Physiotherapists

There are different types of physiotherapists in different areas such as:

Sports physiotherapists

The physiotherapist who specialized in sports physiotherapy will become a sports physiotherapist. In this, they have to deal with different sportsman and their coaches. They help sportsman in the recovery of their injury so they can play again.

Orthopedic physiotherapist

The physiotherapist who specializes in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. They treat back pain, sprains, posture problems, arthritis, sports injuries etc.

Cardiothoracic physiotherapist

The physiotherapist who treat patients with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma

Neurological physiotherapists

The physiotherapists who treat disorders of the nervous system such as spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, multiple sclerosis and acquired brain injury.

Physiotherapy Gold Coast is a costly study. Physiotherapists Gold Coast charges a lot of amount for therapy session if they do it in private clinics. But if they work in government hospitals then they charge a small amount for a therapy session.

Types of Physiotherapy

There is a wide range of therapies depending on what therapy a patient need. The different type of therapy includes:

Exercising program

In this cardiovascular training and stretching, posture re-training and muscle strengthening are done. Different types of exercises are done by seeing the patient injury.


It consists of Laser therapy, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, diathermy etc.

Manual therapy

It includes mobilization, stretching, joint manipulation, manual resistance training etc.

These therapies are given to patients so that they can go to their work back and become healthy and fit. Sometimes an injury occurs because of bad sitting posture or consistent back pain so physiotherapists massage that part or tell them different exercises so the pain can be reduced.

Physiotherapists Gold Coast can be hired by someone for their home so they go to their home and give therapy session to them. When someone’s injured and cannot move from bed the physiotherapists go to their home and treat them. People who study physiotherapy can apply in different departments in hospitals. Physiotherapists should have knowledge of human anatomy, without that he/she cannot treat a patient correctly. If a physiotherapist has no knowledge of human anatomy then he will not treat the patient according to his injury or pain.

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