Our official New Zealand distributor, Flow State, carries Chaga Mushrooms Nz. Throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa, mushrooms have been utilized as food and medicine for thousands of years. There is a growing body of evidence that mushrooms may positively impact health, particularly in terms of brain health, cancer therapy, performance enhancement, and as a general health tonic.

About Chaga Mushrooms NZ

Chaga Nz, the fungus king, is a woody, tree-dwelling mushroom that imparts toughness and hardiness to individuals who consume it. Traditional uses in Asia of Chaga date back generations. It is revered for its physical and spiritual benefits, including its ability to boost healthy energy levels and immunity and its ability to withstand environmental stresses and open the third eye.

Plant Potions for a Rainy-Day A full spectrum, bioactive, readily digestible powder is made from Russian birch Chaga, which is wildcrafted, fruiting body, and dual extracted.

The world’s highest natural supply of antioxidants is found in Chaga mushrooms. You may discover Chaga growing on the bark of birch trees in cold areas such as Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. Chaga resembles burned charcoal on the outside, while the interior has a vibrant brown hue. Chaga has several magical properties, including protecting against UV rays, combating free radicals, and reducing inflammation.

Chaga Mushrooms Nz

In the woodlands of Northern Siberia and Northern Canada, Chaga is a fungus that thrives. According to Russian herbalism, the health advantages of Chaga have been shown by contemporary clinical research.

Chaga Nz is one of the essential anti-ageing supplements ever found, and it’s unique among medicinal mushrooms. Like other therapeutic mushrooms, Chaga has the non-linear, complex polysaccharides that give Chaga extracts their powerful immune-supporting qualities. But, on the other hand, blueberry quotes have a very high ORAC value (antioxidant characteristics).

Aside from boosting the health of the skin and hair, Chaga also contains melanin components. Similar to the triterpenes found in Reishi, the betulin and betulinic acid molecules exhibit immune-supporting properties.

Only Chaga mushrooms NZ collected from live birch trees have the complete complement of active chemicals found in Chaga, making it a tough fungus to grow commercially. Our Chaga NZ extract includes assured amounts of all the active chemicals indicated in scientific studies, including the non-linear polysaccharides, betulin and betulinic acids. It is accessible in North America as a Chaga supplement.

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