If you are going to an alcohol rehab treatment for the first time, the whole process can be intimidating. One can be scared or nervous when going to rehabilitation because they do not know what happens there and what to expect from a program. We have here some common features that every alcohol rehab program follows. By knowing these, you can calm your anxiety and go through the program smoothly.

Alcohol Rehab Program


The first step is, checking in the facility. This involves going through a full intake interview to know about you and your addiction. It is an important step because it will later determine your alcohol rehab treatment plan. You will know that the common time period for alcohol rehab program is 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the condition. The staff will take in your history and devise a plan based on the days.


Next is the detoxing process. After going through the initial treatment plan, next comes the detoxification. It involves removing drugs from your body and can be a difficult process for many. In this rehabilitation stage, the substances are removed from your body in order to make you mentally and physically strong enough for further treatment.

The process and experience of detox are different for every patient. It depends on the substance used and how long one is consuming it. Detoxification can take from three to fourteen days as per the condition.


Therapy is an important part of alcohol rehab programs . This recovery process helps the patient to overcome drug craving, teach coping skills, avoid relapse and live a sober healthy life. There can be two kinds of therapy:

Individual Therapy

In this choice, you do one-on-one therapy sessions with the professional psychiatrist. The sessions help to take a closer look at your psyche, addiction, and its effects on your mind. It is the most powerful way of helping in rehabilitation benefits. They help you identify the triggers and how to cope for a long time. The therapy is customized based on your condition and suggested the most effective one.

Alcohol Rehab Program

Family Counseling

It has been proven through research that involving family and friends of the patient in the counselling helps them overcome better. Many facilities offer family counselling for effective results. When one gets addicted, it affects the surrounding relationships, and going through therapy helps them overcome the burden and help the one in need.


alcohol rehab treatment, the counsellor comes up with a lifelong aftercare program. It helps in the continuation of a healthy sober life after an alcohol rehab program. It involves medical and social support, follow-up therapy, support group, evaluation, and other coping mechanism suggestions to lead a better life.

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