Natural Remedy for Pain in Legs and Cramps

Leg Stiffness and Pain in Legs

One can get pain in the legs for a number of reasons; it may be fatigue, inflammation or certain injury  that may have become a cause of that particular leg pain or cramp. In everyday life, we all have one way or the other have gone through the pain in legs or have felt cramps, as our daily life is so stressful and hectic that this pain obviously does become a part of it.

However, it is considered best to adopt certain natural remedies at home and in your diet that would not only help you combat the pain but will also help shelter and protect your body from having that pain again, by providing an immunity against it.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing and effective natural remedies that can be found for such cramps or ache in legs:

Intake of Arnica Montana

    • It is a plant also known by the name of ‘Mountain Daisy’ and it is popular for its healing properties ever since it was founded around in the 16th century. This plant is taken in its fresh form by the mountaineers as it helps to quickly heal their sore muscles which formulate due to their activity of mountain climbing. 
    • Alongside this, professional athletes are also recommended to use the Arnica in their diet and surgeons also advise this herb to their patients who have undergone surgery as it quickly relieves them of the pain of the soreness that comes on the body after surgery.
    • Normally, it is advised to take the 5 Arnica Pellets three times a day regularly or as one’s health care in-charge advises so.

Curing Leg Cramps by Using Warm Water

    • Yes! Even water is an effective remedy to beat the blues of the pain in your legs. Take a generous amount of it and heat it at a tolerable temperature. All you have to do now is to dip your feet and legs in it and relax. 
    • For more good and effective results, you can also include some peppermint oil in your tub of warm water; it will add a more soothing feeling.

Utilizing Epsom Salt for Instant Relief

    • The Epsom Salt is a specific kind, which contains a good amount of magnesium in it and other pain relieving minerals. If one adds Epsom Salt inside a tub of warm water and allow his/her aching legs to dip inside it for about 20 minutes, he/she will see instant results of relief from the soaring pain.

Making Use of Heat Compressions for Nocturnal Cramps

    • In case of such an ache, one can make an instant use of heat compressions by using a brick, heating it, wrapping it with a wash cloth and then applying it on the part of the leg which is being painful, this procedure will help soothe that particular aching muscle of yours.

Preparing a Natural Pain-Relieving Paste

    • What you shall need for this paste are some very simple things – turmeric, salt and lime. You simply need to mix them together into a quantity that you think would be sufficient to be applied to on the area of the aching muscle. This paste can be made hurriedly and has proved to give fast results as well. 

Massage with Oil

    • By using the coconut oil or the almond oil for massaging the soaring part of the leg is another effective home remedy that can be brought into action.

Stopping Cramps by Using Licorice Roots

    • If you prepare an infusion utilizing the Licorice Roots and place them inside some hot water and cover the container, leaving it for the night, you will have yourself an infusion that can be applied on the aching muscle and its regular application, will help remove your pain permanently as well and thus, it will help making you immune to such aches in the future.

Creating a Lotion with Camphor and Mustard Oil

    • If you take around 200 grams of Mustard Oil and mix it with around 10 grams of camphor in a bottle and place that particular container under the sun, the camphor will soon melt absolutely, making the mixture into a kind of lotion. 
    • This specific mixed lotion can be applied on the aching feet as well as legs. It can also be poured in a hot water tub and you can soak your legs and feet inside it.

Taking Fenugreek Leaves to Stop Pain

    • The Fenugreek Leaves (also called as ‘Methi’) are pretty efficient in dealing with aching muscles. In order to make a use of them, the fenugreek leaves are to be dried by placing them under the heat of the sun for around 5 to 6 days. After that they are to be mixed in a glass of water and this mixture is to be drunk in the early mornings regularly for a quick relief.