Healing Your Cancer Naturally With Diet and Food

The Basics of Choosing a ‘Natural Cancer Fighting Diet’

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The perils of cancer as linked with our food intake

Cancer is a disease that can be interpreted literally from the symbolism of its zodiac sign; it is like a crab, once its claws are fixated on an object it doesn’t let go easily. Unfortunately in present times more and more people are becoming susceptible to it.

Research shows that one of the main reasons that most cancers develop is because of what we eat. So that means that medicinal intervention alone cannot suffice to eradicate it; a balanced diet or rather a ‘cancer recovery diet’ would play a vital role in the patient’s healing.

Doctors therefore must apprise patients in detail about which foods they should consume and which they should strictly avoid and what the consequences are if they don’t. You can also use other holistic techniques like reiki therapy and yoga to combat your cancer.

What Foods to Strictly Avoid While Combating Cancer?

Refined sugar and starches are potentially harmful even for a normal person, while for a cancer patient these foods i.e. refined sugar consisting of (cakes, biscuits, chocolates, ice-cream, soft-drinks, jams, sweeteners and sugary cereals) and refined starches consisting of (pizzas, white flour, white pasta and rice) are lethal because cancer cells multiply faster with intake of such carbohydrates!

Top 10 Natural Cancer Fighting Foods

Therefore it is necessary to be on a diet that would help combat the disease specifically by strengthening the immune system through restoring the lost nutrients and detoxifying the body of toxins. So following are some of the top cancer fighting foods that should be incorporated in a patients’ daily meal:

1. Cruciferous vegetables (brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and collards) and dark green leafy vegetables (lettuces, spinach, chard, chicory, kale, mustard and collard greens)

Plants contain abundant anti-oxidants (these are substances that disable free-radicals that cause damage to the body. They can also repair the damaged cells). Nearly every one of them has anti-cancer properties but some have more such as ‘cruciferous vegetables’ and ‘dark green leafy vegetables’ as they stop growth of cancer cells.

Cancers they help fight: Breast, Colon, Cervix, Lung, Skin and Stomach.

2. Guavas, lemons and berries (strawberry, blackberry & blueberry)

Guavas and lemons contain vitamin C which is a very effective anti-oxidant. Furthermore vitamin C recycles vitamin E and keeps it available for the body. While berries have ‘Ellagic acid’ which can neutralize certain substances that are the source of cancer as well as slow down the increase in cancer cells.

Cancers they help fight: Breast, Colon, Larynx, Mouth, Oesophagus, Pancreas and Stomach.

3. Whole grains (whole wheat, oats, brown rice, barley, buckwheat, rye, millet, quinoa and corn), cereal and nuts (walnuts, almonds & macadamia)

These contain ‘Selenium’ which is integral to the enzyme which removes free-radicals (these are those cells that take electrons from other cells to make themselves stable. In doing so they harm the DNA and there is a threat of getting cancer) and also reprocesses anti-oxidants present in the body.

They also have ‘Vitamin E’, which is an anti-cancer agent that prevents genetic alteration, development of tumors and damage done by free-radicals.

Cancers they help fight: Colon, Lung and Prostrate.

4. Eggs, soy products (milk, beans and nuts) and lentils

All these are a good source of ‘Proteins’, which help in maintaining your weight as well as restore body tissues. They can help reduce the effects of chemotherapy on the patient’s memory and attentiveness.

5. Green & black tea

They both contain certain anti-oxidants that help avert cancer cells from dividing.

Cancers they help fight: Breast, Colon, Liver, Ovarian and Prostate.

6. Tomatoes

They contain an anti-oxidant called ‘Lycopene’. This destroys free-radicals that are a grave threat to the immune system.

Cancers they help to cure: Breast, Colorectal, Pancreas and Prostrate.

7. Garlic & onions

Both contain substances that increase the activity of immune cells that fight cancer.

Cancers they help fight: Colon and Stomach

8. Curcumin

This is found in the spice called ‘turmeric’  and has the ability to stem the production, change and attack of cancerous cells.

Cancers they help fight: Colon and Bowel.

9. Low fat yoghurt

This contains Probiotics, which are useful bacteria stored in our gut. They lessen effects of nausea, boost our immune system and can restrain cancer-supporting chemicals from being produced.

10. Free-range (organic) poultry & beef, fish (cod, herring, mackerel, sardines & salmon)

Though it’s better not to have poultry or beef very often, but whenever taken it should be those who are on organic feed. These animals are not given the feed that normal animals get which contains antibiotics or hormones.

However the skin which can hold a high percentage of toxins should be removed. While it is better to eat cold water fish which have concentrated omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.